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Enormous opportunities for monetization of your channel
Choose the topics of advertising offers you want to receive. We guarantee a high relevance of promotional offers. Evaluate monetization of your channel in the convenient personal account.
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Transparent pricing per clicks or views. Payments in adGram with the possibility to convert into local currency easily.
Maximum automation
Manual communications and manual calculations with advertisers is now a thing of the past. We value your time which prompted us to maximally automate the process of managing advertisement on the channel.
Native content adaptation
Edit ads for your audience. Configure the frequency of advertising. Ensure that the involvement of your audience will be unaffected.
A continuous flow of advertising offers
New advertising offers are available every week. From promising startups to big brands.
Your best ad selling experience
The whole process is automated and packaged in a modern, user-friendly interface.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about AdGram?

AdGram is a Telegram advertising platform that allows advertisers to create advertising campaigns and channel owners to monetize their audience.

AdGram provides advertisers with maximum optimization of their advertising campaigns by integrating the maximum number of channels and also provides the platform to filter through a large number of parameters.

What makes advertising on Telegram popular and profitable?

Telegram messenger is increasingly in high demand with a young, active, and solvent audience - 23-35 years old. Advertisers usually receive maximum response from advertising of their products/brands in thematic channels.

How much does advertising on Telegram cost?

AdGram supports diverse types of pricing.

CPC (cost-per-click) is a pay-per-click advertising campaign. The advertiser sets the cost per click on the link in the ad.
CPP (cost-per-post) is a pay-per-post advertising campaign(at least 48 hours). In AdGram system 2 CPP campaign formats can be implemented:
Targeted CPP campaign. Each owner of the channel sets the cost of advertising. You can find the prices of every channel in the AdGram channel catalog.
Public CPP campaign. The advertiser sets a bid for reach. The price of an advertising proposal for each channel is the average coverage of the channel multiplied by the bid for reach.Average channel coverage is calculated by the formula, as the average number of views of messages in the channel for a specific period.

What guarantees does the AdGram service provide?

AdGram guarantees the publication of advertisements through an automatic quality control system. If the owner of the channel rejects your application for advertising, or if he removes the post earlier than the stipulated 48 hours after publication, we will refund your money. Channel owners only get paid for properly placed ads.

How can I contact you?

By mail: or by writing to the chat in Telegram @adgram_chat_eng

What commission does AdGram take?

To maintain the service, we charge a commission of 10%
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